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Small businesses receive help December 19, 2011

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The ability to peek outside an office door and share with other entrepreneurs is one of the selling points of leasing office space at the Arizona Small Business Administration’s Entrepreneur Center.

It’s convenient to share with others in close proximity, said Robert Roth, president of BPI for Sales. “It’s one of the key attractions,” he emphasized.

Roth, an ASBA member for two years, has been leasing space in the ASBA’s headquarters for a year and plans to “graduate” to his own office within 12 months.

The $125 ASBA membership fee is required in order to lease space and the benefits also help with many issues including access to health insurance for employees when he expands. In addition, ASBA supplied most of his furniture and the telephone.

The organization also helps members with workplace safety programs and ASBA Academy Online Education. Networking, information and visibility also assist companies.

Roth said the networking relations are “very valuable.”

“I needed a real office environment and some infrastructure support and wasn’t ready to commit (to his own office space) until I can see the rate of growth and better understand the space needs that will go along with the growth,” he said.

“I have been in business as a sales and marketing consultant for 25 plus years,” he added.

“However, I am rolling out a new business using a proprietary methodology. I like doing that within this sort of office environment. I am also an active ‘hands-on’ ASBA board member so officing here is convenient from that point of view,” Roth explained.

Located at 4130 E. Van Buren Road, ASBA leases offices to members at rates ranging from $700-$1,000 per month depending on the length of lease and amenities needed, said Sondra Johnson, executive assistant.

ASBA has 10 full-time employees including three in the Tucson office with Johnson serving as the primary contact for the Entrepreneur Center.

“It is a very friendly and open atmosphere at ASBA either in our offices or the Entrepreneur Center. After all, we depend on our members, so we want to assist and help them in any way we can,” Johnson added.

While ASBA rented cubicles in the past, the expansion of the organization’s staff has taken over that space, said Kristin Lopez, who handles education and programs. The only spaces now rented are two closed-door offices. One additional office is vacant.

Some clients rent a virtual office suite with


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