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Fallen signpost August 1, 2012

Filed under: Uncategorized — Candace Hughes @ 7:23 pm

At first I began leaning to the west as my top weakened with decay, but I was still a popular signpost on the corner of Mountain View Road and the U.S. 60 just east of Apache Junction, Az. As the rabbits chewed my feet and the fourwheelers ran over my toes, the woodpeckers and owls lived in cavities in my body along with spiders and scorpions. I still managed to put forth a blossom this spring, but leaned more dangerously with each windstorm. I remembered that the newspaper photographed me in a contest to determine my location and had many correct entries. My 200-year-old skeleton collapsed in April, with no mention by any publication. Now, I have taken on a different life with desert creatures inhabiting my rotting flesh. My spines still are pretty dangerous, so no one has yet tried to haul away the remains to decorate their yard. Perhaps, when my woody skeleton is exposed and bleached by the sun, I’ll be raised again as a signpost to mark my many lives in the desert.


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