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Little owl January 29, 2014

Filed under: green,Pinal County,wildlife — Candace Hughes @ 12:35 am

The little owl on our back porch this morning sits quietly and silently blinking at me as I listen to the birds. While the owl is silent, a curved-billed thrasher digs around in the leaves for food, a cardinal calls, doves coo, and a raven sounds its announcement that it has arrived in the neighborhood. Two hawks swing back and forth across the sky, but steer clear of our area. We’ve had this type of owl visit before to drink when it’s very hot, and we’ve had a much larger great horned owl on our porch. The small owls sometimes sit on the pillars holding up the home’s overhang where they are disguised and somewhat protected. When I return in the afternoon, it has moved on.


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