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Ballet Arizona’s creativity explores Roger Waters’ composition March 30, 2015

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Whether  from a third row center or a balcony seat, both of which I explored for this review, Resonance by Ballet Arizona as performed on Sunday, March 29 at the Orpheum theater shows the creativity and vision of Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters.

The set design and decoration also add greatly to the theme with a large circular tie-dyed curtain laid over the dancers as they recline on the stage and as the curtain lifts and becomes a backdrop they begin their performance. Later in the composition, a dancer brushes his hand across the backdrop and it turns into a flower.

All of this is helpful, but not as necessary as the enthusiastic movements of the dancers to rock music. I was pleased to return home on Sunday evening and see Speakeasy on public television where Bill Wier interviewed Roger Waters and he discussed his political beliefs. They aren’t openly apparent in this ballet composition, but his beliefs and human rights activism has spanned his career. Ib Anderson’s dancers are inspired and joyful in their presentation of the work. 

Although this was the only weekend for this performance, an all Balanchine show will be presented the first weekend of May. In addition, more works will be performed in the Dorrance theater later in May. Sunday’s performance also included Pines of Rome, a gorgeous composition, and a joyful recreation of Carnival of the Animals.


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