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August 1, 2016

Filed under: green,Pinal County,wildlife — Candace Hughes @ 12:28 am

ABC Animal Poem


A cardinal calls twice at daybreak

Bees are already buzzing in the creosote and mesquite

Carefully I take bird seed out to the tree branch

Dangerous rattlesnakes are about these days

Every day I refresh water dishes for birds, rabbits, squirrels and lizards

Funny cactus wrens rest in a damp dugout by the water dish attempting to keep cool

God is protecting the baby bunny I haven’s seen for several days

H is for Hawk the book I am listening to as a raptor cries

Insects swarm in the early morning sunlight

Jackrabbits drink from the front yard water dish

Killing heat of 110 wilts the cactus and animals seek shelter until dusk

Light seeps through bird wings as they cluster around a seed bar

Mice scatter at night when I venture out

Not-so-cuddly toad soaks in the water dish every night

Osprey perch on the fence looking for a meal

Peregrine scream and descend rapidly to catch their prey

Quail call noisily as they compete for seeds below the feeder

Roadrunners need water also and sip at our communal dish

Snakes such as the coachwhip travel through the yard

Tonto National Forest is a somewhat safer place for tortoises

Unusual blue-throated lizards hide on the front porch in the shade

Vultures glide over the area looking for creatures who have died in the heat

Way in the back of our property is where I deposit spiders caught in the house

Xamples of natural food for animals include cactus fruit and mesquite beans

Yahoo for the rock squirrel who finds a somewhat cool hole in the beaver tail cactus

Zebra striped house finches grace us with their voices




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