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October notes on our surroundings in the Sonoran desert October 13, 2016

Filed under: green,Pinal County,travel,wildlife — Candace Hughes @ 12:04 am

Our surroundings that we are adjusting to include the pleasure of singing birds, the alertness of warning birds and the rattling of snakes. We are grateful for our cool mornings and evenings, wind and rain and the beauty of the rising and setting sun. Our place in the Sonoran desert is to leave wildlife, plants, trees and the earth alone as much as we can.

Fashioning people for our surroundings helps us revere severe conditions and dangerous temperatures and wildlife, but also to love the change of seasons when cool temperatures return and the snakes stay underground.
We have hearing, sight, smell and touch to help us protect ourselves and to appreciate our environment. Our intellect and compassion assist us in conserving soil and water and plants and trees and animals. Gratitude and learning to live with all things are our mottos.
We enjoy visiting forests and seeing the turning leaves and the different volcanic mountains in northern Arizona, and the Kaibab squirrels, scrub Jays and acorn woodpeckers have a different effect on the environment.

Today it is Wednesday, October 12 and it was about 90° and we appreciate having some cloud cover. The desert definitely has a different take on the changing of the seasons. 


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