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October 23, 2016

Filed under: Uncategorized — Candace Hughes @ 12:19 am

Early blooming ironwood trees depict climate change

Climate change in our Sonoran desert back yard is evident in just the 14 years we have lived east of Phoenix, Ariz.

Trees and cactus bloom earlier making it difficult for birds, insects and animals depending on food and shelter to raise their young. A season of more intense heat increases the stress for wildlife and humans. While we put out water, we also must irrigate cactus that is shriveled and drooping. The pumping of groundwater has caused broken pipes and cracked porches and carports.

Dust storms of increasing frequency and density cause traffic pileups and health problems and occasionally disrupt air travel. The pollution makes for hazy sunsets.

The warmer winters do not have the cold temperatures to kill mold and the rattlesnakes stay active for a longer part of the year.

We are all attempting — humans and wildlife — to adjust, but the changes are happening rapidly.



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