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I am a daffodil still sleeping inside a bulb but getting ready to sprout. February 14, 2017

Filed under: green — Candace Hughes @ 11:21 pm

I know I will like it when other daffodils bloom near me and we exchange pollen. I will feel the whoosh of butterfly wings and listen to the songs of birds. I rejoice in my sturdy, green stem and strong leaves. They support me with sustenance such as water and nutrients. I unfold from a tight bud with each day showing more fringed, yellow petals until the pistel and stamen are finally exposed. I love my brilliant color.

I see all this from the dark place inside the bulb where I am awaiting just the right signal. I know Mother Nature has a Plan for me and I will follow it. I anticipate only good things. Perhaps someone will pick me and I will grace a table or desk and give inspiration. I also know it is OK to just be and God’s Plan will unfold as I allow Grace to surround me. The bulb holds much food for me and it knows the correct time to start growing as a plant above the earth. It’s fun to know that all I need will be provided. I am Loved!


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