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Green Schools Foundation helps budget-strapped campuses August 10, 2011

Filed under: businesss,green — Candace Hughes @ 10:13 pm

Arizona schools facing the failure of override elections and requirements to stretch lean budgets still can work toward sustainability with the assistance of Scottsdale-based U.S. Green Schools Foundation.

“The foundation will work with school districts to locate funding and apply for grants for green building improvements and for new building,” said Neil Douglas, the foundation’s executive director.

“Once the foundation is established with adequate funding we will be providing resources to school districts and through environmental grants we will be bridging the funding gap required to achieve LEED,” he explained.

While districts are in constant need of maintenance, leaders need to consider the long-term cost benefits of replacing defunct equipment with environmentally sound choices, Douglas added.

Douglas acknowledged that voters in some districts have declined overrides allowing districts to spend more than the state allowed limits. However, he said schools still can make sure that students and surrounding communities understand the need for environmental change and the technology to make it happen, he added.

The U.S. Green Schools Foundation will provide educational consulting services to school districts to guide the creation of internal campaigns and awareness teams, enrich curriculum and work toward a long-term commitment to environmental change.

Students and administrators will have Web-based resources for educational materials and ways to make green building or renovations happen in their districts.

For more information, call 480-247-3080 or visit www.usgreenschools.org or e-mail neil.douglas@usgreenschools.org.