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First Amendment needed to have more open discussion about Oak flats June 21, 2015

Filed under: businesss,green,Pinal County,wildlife — Candace Hughes @ 7:25 pm

US Senator John McCain and Congressman Paul Gosar should take a look at the First Amendment which says Congress shall make no law abridging freedom of the press in order to have a more free and open discussion of the proposed Oak flat land trade near Superior, Arizona. The promise of jobs must be in a legally binding document that also shows the number of local employees to have permanent jobs along with the wages. There also should be a bond posted for cleanup in the area as well as protection of the land where the tailings will be deposited. In addition, a description of block cave mining and how it will affect the oak trees must be made public. In compliance with the intent of the First Amendment for democratic government to have full and open discussion there should be notification of area residents well in advance of meetings that take place to discuss the environmental impact statement. Also,test drilling that the forest service is allowing the mining company to perform should be discussed in public. A letter giving residents  and interested parties plenty of advance notice before meetings must be required.How  much additional tax money will be given to the Pinal County government and when and are there any tax breaks involved?Many of these questions have not been addressed fully and openly and need to be addressed before any mining proceeds.